Elegant design and intelligent construction in a single team

TTHS + Almeera brings together two leaders in the design and construction industry. TTHS, a U.K. based design led practice with global reach, helmed by architect Rion Willard (Forbes). Almeera, construction masters in the Caribbean, specializes in Building Construction and Real Estate development. Collectively with over 20 years experience, the partnership brings together the best of international design with intelligent construction in one team.

We specialise in helping hospitality & hotel operators deliver stylish, luxurious spaces and architecture for their discerning UHNWI & HNWI clients.

Through our extensive research with HNWIs and many valued advisors to this exclusive community, we have discovered these 6 challenges commonly facing business operations who serve this market in the Caribbean region.

  1. Attracting and retaining loyal customers in an already saturated market
  2. Delivering high end finishes in a  construction industry that struggles with supply chain and quality
  3. Fierce competition
  4. Excessive project management and coordination turning construction projects over budget
  5. Deadlines not being met or delayed
  6. Not being able to meet green credentials

Our process serves to eliminate these with the vertical integration of both design and construction in a single team bringing about effective design and build practice.



TTHS + Almeera believe in “shifting the effort”. The Curve in the diagram below highlights that the further you are through the design process, the higher the cost of design change.

This also has a direct correlation with potential project delays, wastage and increased deliver costs. For this reason our collaborative process draws the project stakeholders together earlier so that the individual parties can coordinate their design input, encouraging a more integrated approach to project design and delivery.

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